The treatment of feet and ankle-related illnesses in Singapore

Some of the most common conditions that affect human beings are foot and ankle-related. Foot and ankle injuries are among the most frequently occurring musculoskeletal injuries. Injuries on the foot and ankle can occur through sporting activities, contact with an object, or even strenuous foot exercises that can lead to muscle tear. These parts of our bodies are very interrelated, and therefore it is very crucial that we get a consultation from a specialist. Like the rest of the world, there exists some of the best foot and ankle specialists in Singapore.

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Foot and ankle specialists in Singapore offer a range of services such as bunions (painful, bony bumps that develop around the joint area of the big toe leading to a deformity where the big toe leans towards the second toe), ankle sprains, and fractures that help patients regain suppleness and walk again.

Additional services that a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore offers include:

• Toe deformities such as harmer toes and claw toes.

• Ankle cartilage injuries

• Fractures.

• Flat foot

• Foot and ankle injuries in dancers.

• Nerve compression

• Diabetic foot wound

• Growth and lumps such as ganglions, cysts, and neuromas.

• Arthritis of the ankle and foot.

• Snapping peroneal tendons

• Arthroscopic ankle fusion.

• Heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

These foot and ankle specialists in Singapore offer different treatments depending on the problem the patient suffers from. Here are some of the treatments offered for various problems.

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Sprained ankle treatment

The ankle joint is alleviated by several ligaments, such as the Anterior Talofibular Ligament (ATFL) and the Calcaneofibular Ligaments (CFL). When these muscles are injured during a sporting or daily activity, they can result in an ankle sprain.

In most cases, ankle sprains may only require some rest, icing, or compression to reduce swelling. However, when the entire ligament is torn, in this case, it is severe, and the entire healing process can be delayed, and in some cases, complications may arise.

For some serious ankle sprains, recovery entirely depends on rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The pain in most cases lasts up to 3 months when the physiotherapy is done right, focusing on the flexibility, muscle, and ankle joint balance.

In the occasion that the pain persists, the next suitable option is reconstructive surgery done using an arthroscope.

Hammer toe and claw toe deformities treatment.

These are deformities whereby the toes appear to be bent or in an unusual position. Harmer’s toes are characterized by curling downwards at the middle joint, especially on the second and third toe. This can result from wearing tight shoes for a long period of time, leading to muscle tightening and tendon shortening. Eventually, your toes end up in a peculiar position even when barefooted.

Heels for women can also be a factor contributing to hammered toes or even injuries and diseases such as diabetes. Sometimes this condition can be painful or cause discomfort. There are a number of foot and ankle specialists in Singapore that handle these deformities.

Treatments include:

• Splinting the toe to keep it straight and stretching the tendons of the foot

• Physiotherapy for a specified period.

• Special shoes that fit properly and allow toes plenty of room to stretch out.

In conclusion, Singapore has some of the best foot and ankle specialists for all your needs ensuring you are attended to in the best way possible. You definitely do not require to search for help elsewhere as the services are impeccable and top-notch.

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