Factors to Consider As You Buy a Barcode Label Printer

Bar code labels are vital supplies that enable precise asset and inventory management, as well as tracking for many industries, including IT, healthcare, construction, retail, and education, among others. To get high-quality bar code labels, you should find a suitable printer. Zebra is one of the leading brands of bar code label printers.

 Since many different kinds of Zebra label printers are available, choosing the one that is most suitable for your needs can be daunting. Hopefully, the following tips can help you to narrow down your choices.

Decide which type of barcode printer you need

 Barcode printers are classified into four categories namely, specialized, desktop, industrial and mobile. The most suitable for you will be based on mobility requirements, average print volume, and mobility needs.

·      Desktop – These bar code printers can create 100 to 500 labels daily. They are therefore suitable for retail stores and offices.

·      Specialized – Standard printers can print specialized bar code labels like wristbands, tickets, and cards. However, if you only require a specific type of label a specialized bar code printer is more efficient and more economical.

·      Mobile – The production amount of these printers is similar to that of desktop bar code printers. However, you do not need to connect them physically to a computer. Their print widths are usually smaller at 4 inches or less. These printers are great for printing bar code labels when you are on the move.

·      Industrial – These printers can produce from 1500 to 5000 labels daily based on the model. Some industrial printers can print labels as large as 8 inches wide. They are ideal for large retail stores, distribution centers, and manufacturing centers.

Understand the different types of printing methods

 Barcode label printers are also categorized based on the printing method they use. Some printers use thermal transfer while others use the direct thermal printing method. It is vital to understand the difference between the two methods as you chose a Zebra label printer. The printing method affects the material on which you can print bar codes and the longevity of the label.

Consider connectivity

 Decide how your barcode label printer communicates with computers. Every printer has USB connectivity. However, for businesses, it is better to select printers that can connect to your network either through WiFi or ethernet.

Consider durability

 Modern barcode label printers work almost flawlessly. They utilize thermal transfer ribbons and heat seal the graphic or text from the ribbon to compatible thermal labels. This allows for products that can last for several years before they physically degrade or fade. They resist chemical wear and are water-resistant.

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Thinks about ease of use

Most label printers come with proprietary software. However, it is better to buy a Zebra label printer that can be utilized with any word-processing software or programs such as Photoshop. This way, if you move offices, experience a change of employees, or lose the labeling software that came with the printer, you can still use it.

Consider supplies

Even if you can find a great Zebra label printer, you should find one that uses high-quality labeling tape at a cost-effective price. Cost-effective printers are available, but they may force you to use costly tape.

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