Everything You Need to Know about Car Towing

Are Car Towing Companies Your Friends or Enemies?

Most people associate car towing with impounded vehicles, but this isn’t always the case. Car towing may be necessitated by several reasons ranging from breakdown to flat tire, illegal parking, and accidents. Here is an overview of some things you need to know about this industry that is gaining fast popularity.

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When can a car be towed?

Different companies offer car towing services that range from accident towing, breakdown towing, and special towing for luxury cars that can’t handle certain terrains. Here are a few instances when a vehicle may need towing:

1. When you run out of gas

It is not very uncommon for some drivers to underestimate the amount of gas they need to reach a particular destination every once in a while. When this happens, they may be left stranded and in dire need of services.

2. Flat tire

Even for the most cautious drivers, there is no telling when your car might run into some sharp objects on the road to cause punctures. In addition, if you forgot to bring along a spare tire, there might be a need for you to reach out to a car towing company for help.

3. Illegal parking

Property owners can call a car towing company on vehicles illegally parked on their property or reserved parking lots. Local authorities can also have double-parked cars or vehicles that have violated other parking rules towed.

How much will it cost to have a car towed?

If your car breaks down on the highway, you can always call the highway authorities toll-free. By law, car towing in Singapore for vehicles stalled on the highway is free. However, they will only tow your car to as far away as the nearest park. If the park is far away from your destination or a repair shop, you’ll need to call private towing companies for the much-needed service. You should talk to your car repair professionals about car towing services if you need them later.

Some insurance firms offer cover that includes towing services. You should talk to your car insurance company in advance to know if they provide that cover.

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How can you avoid overpaying for towing services?

Some unscrupulous car towing companies might want to exploit you when stranded. It is advisable to reach out to different companies for towing services and compare their charges. You can talk to friends and family to recommend reputable companies. A good car towing should offer other services alongside car towing. Examples can include:

• Tire change

• Delivering gas to you in the unfortunate event that your car stalls due to running out of gas

• Assessing the extent of damage in the case of an accident

• Jumpstarting your vehicle/Car battery replacement

• Car locksmith services

Final thought

Due to the ever-growing number of vehicles in the cities and major urban centers in Singapore, car towing is slowly becoming a necessity. Regardless of how regularly your car is maintained, it is always advisable for every car owner to have a vehicle towing company’s contacts on speed dial. They could be the difference between having a bad day and saving the day.

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