Dos and Don’ts of Dining at an Authentic Italian Restaurant Singapore

When you dine at an authentic Italian restaurant Singapore, you better be prepared. There are a few things you must remember when you dine in a restaurant. Like they always say, don’t leave your manners at home. Here are a few dos and don’ts:

Do dress appropriately

It is important to be in casual attire and not wearing clothes like tank tops and shorts. You are going to be make a good first impression on your date if you have one when you wear clothes that are appropriate for the place. Better look up the dress code for the restaurant as some places may not allow slippers too so better wear closed shoes. Don’t forget to look in the mirror before going out of the house so that everyone else would not want to look at you in a horrible manner. Remember to not wear fur coats as that would garner a lot of attention due to how it is made from the furs of innocent animals.

Don’t forget to book in advance

You would want to book a few days in advance as it is possible the authentic Italian restaurant Singapore would already be full. There will be nothing to worry about not having a seat if you reserve days in advance. That way, you would already ensure having a table at the location that you prefer whether it is by the patio or the smoking area. They will even give some recommendations when you call them which would give you a glimpse of how their customer service is. Pasta Fresca is a great example of a restaurant that is always booked in advance due to how big the crowd usually is.

Do read reviews

This is a great way to find out what you can expect from the restaurant. From the server’s awesome manners up to the taste of the food, you will find out what other people think. It does not mean you have to believe them right away though. They may point out some flaws but you will decide if you can manage those things. Some good examples would be some reviewers pointing out the restaurant has small parking space. If you don’t plan on bringing your car, that would save a lot of money and that comment would not mean anything to you either.

Don’t be rude to servers

The servers and chefs are just doing their jobs. if you have something to complain about like the food being dry or your orders taking a bit longer than expected, better do it in a nice manner. Besides, you would want not want to attract a lot of attention when people start staring at you for your behavior. One of them may even decide to stare at you and record the entire thing. It will only be a matter of minutes before you become an online sensation for all the wrong things. After that, you would be too ashamed to show yourself out in public again.

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