Benefits of Hiring Online Tutors in Singapore

While children will learn faster if they directly interact with their tutor, there are some disadvantages of having a tutor come home. The family members will be denied privacy when the tutor is at home. The family cannot keep any money or valuables lying around if the tutor is at home since there is a risk that it may get misplaced or stolen. Additionally, Singapore tutors visiting the home may charge a higher fee, since they spend time and money traveling to the house of the student. Hence a large number of parents are interested in finding affordable online tutoring in Singapore. To save time and money it is advisable to use the services of a Tuition agency, and some of the considerations while searching for a tutor are listed below.

Agency profile

Due to the great demand for competent tutors, there are a large number of tuition agencies in Singapore. One of the major considerations for choosing a specific agency is the number of tutors who are enrolled with the agency, the profile of the tutors, and the number of students who have used the services of the tuition agency. It is also advisable to check when the tuition agency was established and the feedback/ reviews of the agency online and offline. Usually, a well-established tuition agency will have a large number of positive reviews from parents and students who have used the services.

Student profile

Another consideration is the profile of the student who requires help from the tutor, the extent to which he or she requires help. Some students are doing well and they wish to achieve top grades while in other cases, the student is finding it extremely difficult to understand what is being taught, so the kind of assistance, the student requires will be different. Usually, most tutors will specialize only in a few subjects like Science, Math, English, Chinese, so based on the grades of the student in different subjects, his parents or guardian will choose a tutor.

Tutor experience

Depending on the level of assistance that the child will require, parents can choose a suitable tutor. The tutors will typically charge an hourly fee, and the fee will depend on the educational qualification and experience of the tutor. Tutors who have taught students in schools or colleges in Singapore or elsewhere will usually charge the highest rates, while part-time tutors with less teaching experience will be more affordably priced. Tutors who have excellent references and a track record of improving student grades often have higher hourly fees. It is advisable to hire tutors who offer a free trial of their services.

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Most of the tutors are charging an hourly rate, so if the student requires tuition only for a few hours, the rates will be higher. Typically the student can take the free trial, and if he is satisfied, the parents will hire the tutor for a specific period of time. Often the parents will hire the tutor for a period of three months, to check if there is any significant improvement in the grades of the student. If the student’s grades improve, the tutor may be retained.

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