How To Use Job Search Websites

If you are looking for a job and you are not using job search websites then you are missing out big time. Most employers, even big companies, now use these websites to look for the right candidates to add to their team. But with so many job search websites in existence, knowing which ones to use can be a problem. Many job-seekers don’t even know where to start with these websites. This is where this article will be useful. Here, you’ll find some tips on how to use these websites effectively so you can find and land your dream job.

Use a job search aggregator

Job aggregators are websites that combine job listings from different job websites. So using a job aggregator is like using several job websites at the same time. And it gives you a better chance of finding a job you would want to apply for. The best job aggregators are those that work behind the scenes and really search the Internet for sites where employers post job listings. These can include company career pages, paid job ads, and even social media sites. Using a job aggregator can be likened to a fisherman casting a wide net to catch fish. You may not like all of the opportunities you’ll see. So you may need to narrow them down to find what you’re looking for.

Search also on focused sites

You can supplement your use of job site aggregators by searching focused sites. You can find job sites that are industry-specific. For example, there are job sites for writers. There are even job sites for specific nationalities or for a specific geographic area. If you want to work in Singapore, for example, then you can look for specific job sites that are focused on Singapore job opportunities.

A very good example of a job search website that is focused on a particular geographic area is Dream Career Builder ( This site caters to employers and job-seekers in Singapore and Malaysia. And it’s completely free.

You don’t have to visit all of the sites that will come up in your search. That would be inefficient. You can do some research on the sites to determine which ones are worthy of your time. Sites that don’t have active job listings, for example, are not worth checking out.

Advanced Features

Many job websites have advanced features that many people are not taking advantage of. You should check out these features and use them because they can help you in your search. For one, these features can help save you time and energy. If you have experienced looking for work on these job websites then you know already how time-consuming it can be. For example, many job websites classify their job listings. Using advanced search options will allow you to go directly to the specific classifications so you don’t have to go through all of the listed jobs. To find the advanced search options of a job website, you can check the site’s menu or list of features.

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