Bto living room design in Singapore

Many people in Singapore are living inbuilt to order (bto) apartments. These flats are usually purchased by young people who are buying a house for the first time. The living room is usually the largest room in the house, and family members spend many hours in the room. The family will also usually entertain their guests in the living room. So even if the flat owner cannot afford to hire interior designers for the entire house, they would be interested in a new bto living room design to make the room more functional. It is advisable to hire the services of experienced interior designers like Darwin Interiors since they have designed a large number of bto flats in Singapore.


Before contacting the interior designer for the redesign of the living room, the flat owner should decide the features he requires in the living room. In some cases, the flat owner will have a large number of friends and relatives visiting the house, so he would like to ensure that there is enough seating in the living room. In other cases, the family members are also working from home, and so they would like a dining table which can be used as a study table after the meals are eaten. Most families have a television in the living room, and family members should be able to watch the TV comfortably.


The interior designer will design the room based on the style specified by the flat owner. In some cases, the homeowner will prefer a minimalistic style so that the living room is not cluttered and there is plenty of free space. In other cases, the family may prefer a modern style for a sleek look. Other flat owners may opt for a luxurious or traditional style. The interior designer will show different designs in the preferred style so that the flat owner can choose the features required. The room layout, furniture selected and the decor of the room will vary depending on the style preferences.


The interior designer will also ask the homeowner to choose the color of the paint which will be used in the living room based on his personal preferences. Usually, most homeowners prefer using pastel colors for their living room, since it will reflect light and make the room look bigger. Typically the same color is used for the walls and ceiling of the house. However, to give the room a unique look, the interior designer may use darker shades for a part of the room or contrasting colors. For smaller living rooms, mirrors may be installed on the wall to create an illusion of a larger room.


The furniture of the room is an important part of the room decor. Though metal furniture is more durable, the designer will usually have to purchase furniture available in the stores. Many flat owners have very specific furniture requirements, hence they usually prefer to get their wooden furniture custom made by the carpenters after finalizing the design with the help of the interior designer. This furniture can be designed to have storage space so that the limited space in the living room is properly utilized.

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